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Hor Mok (ห่อหมก) – Thai Curried Fish Custard and The Principles of Thai Cookery by Chef McDang

Portrait by Vichai Kiatamornwong Breathlessly, I sat there with my pupils amply dilated as M.L.[1] Sirichalerm Svasti, better known as Chef McDang, regaled me with stories of what a typical meal time was like at Sukhothai Palace. Sure, you can find secondary, tertiary, quadriary accounts anywhere about dining in the palace by those who know […]

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Easy Thai Green Curry, an Interview with Kasma Loha-unchit, and Musings on Thai Curry Pastes

…anned curry pastes. I always have at least 8-9 types of curry pastes in my pantry, ready to use any time a craving hits. I usually use the whole 4-ounce can at once with nothing left to store either in the freezer or refrigerator. The type that comes in a plastic tub is definitely fresher […]

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Pad Thai Recipe (ผัดไทย) – Part Three: The Notable Ingredients and Garnishes

I have proposed in the first part of the Pad Thai series that the best pan to use to make Pad Thai is a wide, flat-bottomed pan with a nonstick surface, short rims, and great heat retention ability. In the second part of the series, I have proposed that the best rice noodles to use […]

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